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About Belle âme flower farm

Slow grown, chemical free blooms carefully and lovingly grown in the elements. Specializing in old fashioned flowers, grown for scent and beauty that remind you of Granny's garden. Belle âme (Beautiful Soul) I named my business after my beautiful mum. I obviously got my passion for flowers from her, she was an amazing gardener and incredible at floral arrangements, I remember just watching her in amazement as she created these incredible gifts for people.

So always loving flowers it really is no surprise to me that this is what I have ended up doing in my late 40's good things come to those that are patient, passionate and work hard.

Belle âme is located in Drummond Central Victoria approx 1 hour north of Melbourne, straight up the Calder Hwy where the rain fall is usually better than most and the soil is perfectly delightful for growing flowers and produce on our 12 acre farm which we share with our beloved dogs, cats, horses and chickens.

I am a member of Consortium Botanicus Australia’s Micro Flower Farms and Floret Farmer Florist Collective. I pride myself in growing everything from seed, bulb, corm, rhizome or cutting and I DO NOT use any chemicals or poisons. Everything is done the old fashion way by hand and grow roughly 50 different varieties of perennials and annuals each season. I only grow for Beauty and Scent which I feel is something that has been out bred with your commercial growers as they need to grow for travel which require a much longer life but its at a cost of scent and at times the beauty which can often leave out the delicate old fashion blooms as they don’t travel well.

I offer FREE home delivery local to myself for orders over $30, we also offer a farm gate stall with an honesty box open on most weekends located at 2270 Daylesford-malmsbury road drummond. every third sunday of the month you will find us at the Malmsbury village farmers market along side the regions best produce. I also supply local florists with fresh bee friendly beautifully scented wholesale blooms.

I also create hand woven wreaths decorated with dry incredients that last for years and I create beautiful epoxy resin art & jewellery which you can find below.

For up to date info on whats blooming now head over to either Facebook: @belleameflowerfarm

OR Instagram: @belleameflowerfarm

Share the love by buying local, Be Nice to One Another and Have A Beautiful day! Lee xox​

who is belle âme flower farm

Lee Dingle

Hi I'm Lee and I really appreciate you wanting to buy my flowers that I have lovingly grown from seed for you to enjoy. Please don't hesitate to call me xox