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Cut Flower Helpful Tips

There is nothing better than walking into a room with a beautiful display and scents of Fresh Cut Flowers!

Naturally grown flowers have the most beautiful strong scents to them unlike most of the commercially grown varieties because we grow ours for beauty scent and safe to bury your face in where as many of the commercially grown varieties have been genetically modified so they can with stand long distances in travel and in doing so they lose their origin of scent which I feel is half the charm.

 Just think about it! What is the first thing you automatically want to do when you see a beautiful flower?


I know many a florists who have had to quit and become ill due to the continuous exposure to nasty chemicals that are spayed on many of the commercial flowers so make sure you know where your flowers have come from before you dive your face in. Any good florist will be able to tell you where the flowers have come from and if they are natural or sprayed.

How To get My Cut Flowers To Last Longer

When you buy a beautiful bunch of flowers and take them home the would have well and truly started to dry out so besides taking a small bucket of water with when you buy them here are some helpful Tips to make them last longer.

- Make sure your water vessel is so clean that you would drink out of it.

- Cut 2 cm diagonally off the bottom of the stems

- Change the water Daily if you cant I will pop up a home made flower preserve below

- Take off all leaves that will be below water level

- Place the vase away from direct sunlight, heat, drafts or fruit and veg (fruit and veg release ethane gas which speeds up the ripening process so in turn your flowers will die quicker

Home Made Flower Preserve​

Homemade flower food is a great way of preserving the life of your cut flowers if you cant change the water daily.

1 litre water

1 tablespoon vinegar

1 teaspoon sugar

3-5 drops of household bleach

​Stir thoroughly and then and add to water vessel.

How To Revive Very Tired Cut Flowers

Flowers can start to look really tired or many times after buying them they have been out of water so long that they have air pockets up their stems so they cant suck up water well enough to stand tall. There is a trick to fix this, Its called SCALDING!

Sounds terrible doesn't it but its a quick floristry trick and it works!

- Simply remove your flowers and clean your vase and replace with fresh water and set aside

- Boil the kettle and put the hot water in a suitable heat proof container

- Cut 1-2 cm off the bottom of your stems

- Hold the stems in the Hot Water for 20 seconds

- Place immediately into the fresh clean water

The scalding will draw out the air pockets allowing your flowers to soak up the water properly.